DIY Shipping Box Trick

Oh man, it can be a real pain finding the right size box to ship special items in.  I’m just saying….

Since boxes are also part of the “shipping and handling” cost, it helps immensely when we’re able to save money and time on the shipping box itself.  We often run into this when my wife Koni is shipping one of her “artfully upcycled” creations across the planet to it’s new owner.  Boxes are generally standard sizes and often way overpriced.  Especially over priced if you value your time trying to find that special size or your gas money driving around looking for one.  When you need to ship something that’s outside of the standard sizes readily available and don’t want to use an over sized box that usually makes shipping more expensive, its extremely handy to be able to quickly and cheaply make your own box.  Since much of what Koni makes is very unique, we ran into this dilemma a long time ago.  So, I came up with this method of making our own boxes that is easy, fast, and often free.   It’s hard to beat free but even if you don’t have any larger pieces of left over cardboard (TV box, appliance box, etc.) you can buy bulk sheets of cardboard at a very reasonable price here.  Usually if you end up buying bulk cardboard sheet stock it’s less than $1 per sheet and depending on the sheet size you can often get multiple boxes out of one sheet.  Since it’s a busy shipping season with the holidays already here, I thought I’d take a few minutes to film and share this trick.  I hope it helps you have a better day and solves lots of problems down the road.  Always happy to answer any questions or comments below and feel free to share this with anyone you know that gets frustrated with finding the right shipping box sizes.

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