Is This Thing On?

*Thump Thump Thump* *Crackle*

Testing, testing one two.

But seriously, whats it been a year since we made any noise? Ugh, sorry. Real life sometimes overrules the best of intentions. Needless to say we got side tracked and have posted nothing….wah wah….

Real talk, being a two man family team trying to build and maintain a few websites and a business means were gonna miss the mark sometimes, not to mention that whole “human” thing. And probably there is a lesson in plating to many projects at once somewhere in there, I’ll save that topic for another post though I think.

At any rate, back to the heavy lifting, our push is to have some content up and rocking here pretty soon, like in the next day or so. We have a need to build community, meet all of you, as well as see and discuss your projects and ours. Go time.



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